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Stuff I know about

I’m not exactly a “machine learning person”, but I know how to hang out with them. I’ve led and worked on applied ML projects in gesture recognition, health and fitness devices, brain-computer interfaces, and computer music. Many of my contributions in this space have focused on classification paradigms and feature exploration for applying ML to interactive systems.

I’m not exactly an “electrical engineer” (the “building stuff” kind or the “signal processing” kind), but I know how to hang out with them (both kinds). I’ve led and worked on hardware prototyping and signal processing projects in natural input, mobile computing, and computer music. I get sad if I go more than a few weeks without soldering anything.

I’m not exactly a “doctor”, but I know how to hang out with them. My undergraduate degree was in neurobiology, and since then I’ve worked closely with clinicians on projects in surgical simulation, neural interfaces, patient-friendly medical informatics, and mobile health sensing.

In case what I do is still hazy, Songsmith helped me write a song about it:

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