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Stuff I know about

I’m not exactly a “machine learning person”, but I know how to hang out with them. I’ve led applied ML projects in conservation technology, gesture recognition, health and fitness devices, brain-computer interfaces, and computer music.

I’m not exactly an “environmental scientist” but I know how to hang out with them. I work with (and sometimes run) the AI for Earth program at Microsoft, and I work on using computer vision to accelerate biodiversity surveys (i.e., to save ecologists time).

I’m not exactly an “electrical engineer” (the “building stuff” kind or the “signal processing” kind), but I know how to hang out with them (both kinds). I’ve led hardware prototyping and DSP projects in physiological signal analysis, natural input, and computer music. I get sad if I go more than a few weeks without soldering anything.

I’m not exactly a “doctor”, but I know how to hang out with them. A zillion years ago I studied neurobiology, and since then I’ve worked closely with clinicians on projects in ambulatory cardiovascular monitoring, surgical simulation, neural interfaces, and patient-friendly medical informatics.

In case what I do is still hazy, Songsmith helped me write a song about it:

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