Flowers in the Rain

Lyrics by dmorris (The Cobbler)

Girl you've spent one too many years of your life fighting
And when the smoke has cleared your face has grown but your heart's still seventeen.

And here I am another night spent throwing flowers at your window.
But you pretend that you can't hear me and my song turns to a scream.

And think back on all the times you woke up crying...
Was it him or was it me who helped you see the sun again?

And did he call to share his glory?
And did he care to share your pain?
And did he stand outside your window throwing flowers in the rain?

So I'll go home and spend another night without you
And I'll plan another hundred ways to make you change your mind.
And the night will pass, and the stars will set, and soon it will be morning.
And you'll wait behind your window, and he'll go on with his life, and I'll toss another petal into time.