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The artistic theme of the third floor decorations was "Christmas in giant world". You - a man among giants, a mouse among men, a flea among mice, etc. - have entered the living room of the giants (who are, apparently, Christian).

Giant Santa left some giant presents, but he didn't manage to eat all of his giant cookies or giant milk before he giant-bailed.

Can you feel it? Are you immersed in Giant Christmas World?

It was so trippy looking up into the "bottom" of the giant tree... it was totally like a giant high.

DAMN that's a big fireplace. And I think those stockings might even be a size or two too big for Shaq's feet.

The behemoth gingerbread man lives in this house. Remember that cute story, "the behemoth gingerbread man"?

It's Christmas, so there must be a mouse stirring somewhere. In this case, the mouse has a mouse-palace and lifetime supply of cheese. More about this little guy in the tech section.

...and a mega-card too. Merrie diligently went door-to-door seeking some Christmas spirit from the good folks of the third floor.

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