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Lots of folks helped out, but unfortunately we lack a "team photo". Who has time for vanity when there's a contest to be won, right? Anyway this is a random sampling of some of the folks at "work"...

"The team" included (but was not necessarily limited to) :

Heather, Merrie, Neel, Monzy, Dan M, Jeff, Jim, Mike, Dave, Ron, Doantam, Ada, Dan H, and Generic-Eeyore.

Decorating makes Jeff hungry, and those giant cookies are made of a substance that has many properties in common with food, so why not?

Mike - who reportedly built up the tree trunk from its beginnings as a wee sapling - wonders whether any of those presents is the 32-CPU rendering farm he asked Santa for.

Monzy beta-tests his work, which transforms ordinary mortals into elves.

Nat, Dan, and Natasha discover that is also transforms ordinary balloons into elves.

Neel makes Jeff pay for messing with Santa's cookies. Neel pities the fool who messes with Santa's cookies.

...but on the other hand, Santa's milk is looking pretty good, and grad students need the protein more than Santa does.

Mike, Jeff, Ron, Neel, and Generic-Eeyore wait under the tree.

The man behind the gingerbread house... err... in front of... the gingerbread house.

In a last-minute fury, we realized that there were still two large objects on the third floor that hadn't been incorporated into our decorations. Ron and Neel rush to rectify the situation.

Monzy, Dan, and Sam enjoy the virtual wonderland in the low-stress, pre-contest environment.

[Intro]    [The theme]    [The folks]    [The competition]    [The tech-stuff]