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[Some notes on the "advanced computer vision technology"]

Without excessive technology, it might as well be "Christmas in Sociology". After all, isn't Christmas really about soldering and C++?

Two systems were set aside for tech-i-fying the Third Floor Christmas... Santa would have preferred flat panels, but then again undergrads probably don't wander into Santa's factory and steal stuff.

Ron has been transfored into an elf... the face-detection is so sweet it even finds mini-Ron.

Can you even tell that Dan wasn't actually part of this charming anime Christmas scene?

...or that Ron isn't really wearing this hat?

Ron thinks it's pretty funny that he's wearing a sock for a hat. Which it is. The "sock for a hat" gag never gets stale.

The mouse normally rested inside the comfort of his mouse house...

...but at a very "natural" and "mouse-like" interval of 10.0000 seconds, he would occasionally emerge into the world for a visit.

There's no computer inside this box. No sir, this is a mouse out-house. Nothing to see here.

A montage of scenes to which Dan and Neel have been transported... you can hardly tell that it's all virtual, eh? Doesn't it look real?

Some Tech Notes

[Intro]    [The theme]    [The folks]    [The competition]    [The tech-stuff]