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Yes, yes, we're all into the Christmas spirit, and delivering said spirit to Gates. But after girls, sports, jobs, and paper deadlines, competition is the world's fifth-most-powerful motivator. In other words, we were in this one to win. Here's a glimpse of the contest and the competition.

The first floor was looking a little behind when the night before the contest rolled around... then all the sudden Santa's golf cart showed up on the morning of the contest. Now really, don't you think Santa carries his golf clubs?

Also, the economy must be really bad if Santa is driving a golf cart...

The first floor lobby was cozy and traditional, in contrast to the neo-tech decorations on the second and third floors.

The first floor also had Santa himself on their side, and they STILL didn't win! Go us!

The second floor went with "The Matrix" as their Christmas theme.

...and I have to admit, the second-floor-folks were looking pretty badass in their shades.

The tree was actually imported from the matrix. If you touch it, you are immediately transported to another dimension. A dimension where men can fly, evil spies can clone themselves, and the second floor can win the Christmas contest.

Peche walks the judges through the third floor setup, as the pre-announcement tension mounts.

Ah, the sweet taste of victory.

Victory, of course, tastes a lot like Pizza Chicago.

[Intro]    [The theme]    [The folks]    [The competition]    [The tech-stuff]