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Eventually, despite all our efforts, the judges had to point their powerful fingers toward a winner, and the fingers unanimously pointed to the second floor. And we can't argue; it did look pretty down there... sure, it wasn't interactive, but it was pretty. Sure, the main attraction was down the day after the contest, but it was pretty. Sure, no one sang, or played, or otherwise frolic'ed in their lobby, but it was pretty.

So anyway, we've learned a lesson. You'd think the lesson we learned was "don't spend all your time on complex technical projects", but the lesson we actually took away was, "spend more time on complex technical projects, just make sure they're pretty."

The first floor couldn't quite post an effort comparable to their winning 2002 entry [video], but they did find a nice central place to put a flashy tree.

The fourth floor - I think with the help of the fifth floor - tried their best, but just couldn't muster the student participation that you need these days to run with the big dogs.

The second floor put together a "Polar Express" theme, including a giant mountain made out of some sort of paper maché. No, no, the mountain didn't move around or let you talk to it. Who do you think they are, the third floor?

The second floor also put together this little bedtime setup, complete with exceptionally cute baby and animal pictures. Hard to compete with that when it comes to currying favor from primarily non-technical judges. Note to self: more cute babies and animals next year.

The keystone in the second floor's setup was a projected video... the trailer from The Polar Express, with second-floor personnel brilliantly green-screened into it. I have to say, all biases aside, it was some amazing video editing. Note to self: recruit second-floor video editing personnel, and give them third-floor offices.

The judges listened intently as they were given guided tours on each floor... they didn't sing with Carol-oke, but they did play a bit of Candyland and enjoyed their delicious candy prize. Note to self: put addictive drugs in candy prizes to curry favor from the judges.

The second floor celebrates as the judges confirm their victory... we knew it was over when the judges told us to meet on the second floor to hear the final decision.

We'll get you next year, second floor...

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