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The decorations centered around our Candyland theme and our life-sized Candyland board. These images show our not-quite-finished lobby from all four sides.

Note the lovely hand-painted Candyland sign above the elevators and the curve-a-tastic game board that occupies the whole floor.

Here the team is artsing and crafting to get things set up. Heather is painting, Merrie and Manu are glue-ing together candy decorations, and I think Mike is just trying to get free candy.

Heather worked tirelessly to get the third-floor residents to make personalized ornaments... after all, floor participation is a key category in the contest. Even the ghost of Neel made an ornament.

Each corner of the room was dressed up as part of the theme... you can visit the Lollipop Woods (upper-left), the Peppermint Forest (upper-right), the Gingerbread Garden (lower-right), and the... ummm... tr... tra... the tree (lower-left).

The artistic capstone of our decorations was Jim's window-painting... did you know that Jim can draw?

Anyway, as you can see, Seargant Peppermint and Queen Frostine are (a) huge and (b) diligently watching over Candyland.

[The Theme]   [Decorations]   [Life-Size Candyland]   [Carol-oke]   [Santa and the Grinch] [The Contest]