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As part of our effort to reach out to the whole third floor, Jeff built a Java app that had Santa and the Grinch virtually wandering the halls of the third floor, occasionally harassing people in their offices. Responses were collected by e-mail and pictures were culled from the web, and in the end a good percentage of the third floor had something to say to Santa and the Grinch.

The "Santa and the Grinch" app itself... note the clever insertion of the Candyland Board into the floor map. In this shot, Santa is visiting the Cookie Office and talking to Doantam.

Jeff poses proudly with his creation.

The "Santa and the Grinch" app was set up in the Peppermint Forest, using the monitor of the useless Sun terminal that usually sits there. It actually ran on the Candyland computer, requiring yet another run of power and video cords taped to the floor.

The app had a mesmerizing effect; everyone just had to watch it until their own quotes came up. Here Heather and Ada are still waiting...

Useful signage highlighted the basic idea, and reminded people to get in touch with Jeff if they wanted their quotes included...

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