CS148: Introductory Computer Graphics (Summer 2005)

Syllabus and handouts

Exam information has been removed from this archived version of the page. Powerpoint files have also been removed to save space.

All examples referred to in the slides will be available in the examples directory.

Date Topic Readings (note) Handouts
6/21 (Tues) CS148 overview
Required math
Display devices
Project 1 goes out
class notes (pdf)
essential math
project 1 handout
project 1 stencil
project 1 demo
6/23 (Thurs) Scan Conversion
SIGGRAPH video break: camera array
Essential Math Handout class notes (pdf)
6/28 (Tues) Intro to OpenGL
Animation and UI
Windows and clipping
SIGGRAPH video break: Dual Photography
Chapters 1 & 2
Appendix D
class notes (pdf)
6/30 (Thurs) Display lists
Vertex Arrays
2D Transformations
SIGGRAPH video break: Physical Simulation
Chapter 7 class notes (pdf)
7/5 (Tues) 3D transformations
Transformations in OpenGL
The matrix stack
Video break: Unreal Engine 3 Demo
Project 1 due
Project 2 goes out
Chapter 3
Appendix F
class notes (pdf)
project 2 handout
pp2 stencil/demos
7/7 (Thurs) 3D viewing
Perpsective projection
The depth buffer
Video break: Final Fantasy Trailer
  class notes (pdf)
7/12 (Tues) Modeling objects
Quadrics in OpenGL
Video break: Half-Life 2 Trailer
Video break: Madden 2005 Trailer
Chapter 11
Appendix E
class notes (pdf)
7/14 (Thurs) Lighting and Shading
Project 2 due
Project 3 goes out
Chapter 5 project 3 handout
pp3 demos
pp3 support code
class notes (pdf)
7/19 (Tues) Midterm
7/21 (Thurs) Texture Mapping Chapters 4 & 9 class notes (pdf)
7/26 (Tues) Advanced Texture-Mapping
Curves and curved surfaces
Chapter 12 class notes (pdf)
7/28 (Thurs) Transparency in opengl
OpenGL selection
Video break: Half-Life 2 Tech Demo
Project 4 goes out
Project 3 due
Chapters 6 & 13 pp4 handout
class notes (pdf)
8/2 (Tues) Raytracing
Hidden surface elimination
Terrain generation
SIGGRAPH video break: Style Translation for Human Motion
  class notes (pdf)
8/4 (Thurs) Advanced topics:
Collision Detection
Programmable Shaders
SIGGRAPH video break: Interactive Video Cutout
  class notes (pdf)
8/9 (Tues) Using 3D graphics for visualization (Jeff Klingner)    
8/11 (Thursday) Final project demo session
Project 4 due
8/12 (Friday) Final: Gates B03    

Readings refer to chapters in the OpenGL Red Book, fourth edition, the official textbook for the class. Some students may choose to use the second edition, which is free online; chapter numbers are different, but each topic covered in the fourth edition is also covered in the second edition. See the
note on the CS148 home page for more information.

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